It was Hell Today – Did You Notice?

4 09 2012

Dale C. S. Destin

Hot like hell! Today’s (4Sep, 2012) maximum temperature shattered the previous record for September. Today’s maximum of 34.3°C/93.7°F is now the highest on record (1971-2012) for September going well pass the month’s previous high of 33.5°C/92.3°F. It was also the second highest temperature on record for all months. Only August of 2005 had a higher maximum temperature with 34.9°C/94.8°F. In terms of how it actually felt to the human body; the heat index is a measure of this, and it peaked at 37°C/99°F. So although the maximum was 34.3°C/93.7°F, it really felt like 37°C/99°F. The heat index is a function of the temperature and the relative humidity. Today’s humidity was low; in the 40’s and 50’s; if it were higher, the heat index would have been higher and conditions would have been much more miserable even dangerous (

The conditions that led to today’s maximum temperature were light southerly wind and few low level clouds. These conditions were caused by the proximity of Tropical Storm Leslie between the Caribbean and Bermuda.

Conditions for the next four days are expected to be similar to today – light southerly winds and few low level clouds; hence, the rest of the week is expected to have above normal temperatures. These temperatures and resultant heat indices could reach dangerous levels. Residents should take precautions (



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