What is causing the extreme cold over North America? What does it mean for Antigua and Barbuda?

7 01 2014

What is causing the extreme cold over North America?.

What does this mean for Antigua and Barbuda? Does it mean it will get cooler than normal for this time of the year?

Not for the foreseeable future. Generally, cooler than normal weather at this time of the year occurs when the winds become very light and or blow from the north – from North America and Canada. For the past weeks the winds have been moderate to strong and easterly.

Currently, the Atlantic High Pressure System is insulating us from the cold weather to the north by helping to keep the pressure gradient tight and the winds fresh to strong. These winds are coming mostly from the tropical Atlantic as opposed to the cold mid and high latitudes. December’s (2013) temperature was near normal, 25.9C/78.6F, and thus far, the temperature for January is running above normal – 25.8C/78.4F; the normal is 25.4C/77.7F.  

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