Sailing Week Fun Weather

25 04 2014

Dale C. S. Destin|

ItASW-2014-Website-Header’s time for fun in the sun again with Antigua Sailing Week, one of the top regattas in the world. The event will sail off this Saturday, April 26 and continue until May 2. While sailing is the reason for the event, for many, it is about the after parties and the mini carnival atmosphere created around the event. The after part carnival atmosphere is such a big part of the event that in normally kicks off the island’s carnival, which takes place in late July/early August each year. Soca and Reggae will dominate the after parties as usual. This year, Shaggy “Mr. Bombastic, It Wasn’t Me” is leading acts followed by Tian “Crash in Your Bumpa” Winter  and the ‘Cheese Cake Factory’.

The Big Sailing Week Party

The Big Sailing Week Party

Most activities are outdoors; thus, the weather is a very relevant factor in the fun for the week. This time of the year is generally great for outdoor activities, and this year should be no different. Skies will be partly cloudy, at most, for all of the week and there is just a slight chance of showers on any given day. Most days are expected to be rain free; however, for those days with rain, the amount will not exceed one millimetre and the duration will be very short.

For the sailors, conditions are likely to be close to perfect. The wind will be in the range of 12 to 18 miles per hour and – waves will
be less than five feet. There is a little bit of a concern about swells reaching the area from the north, generated by a cold front. Generally harmless swells of eight feet are expected this weekend and are possible next weekend. These swells will likely be a bit problematic near shore. Otherwise, it should be smooth sailing.

Let the races and the parties begin, enjoy!

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