7-Day Forecast for Antigua and Barbuda

3 10 2014

Dale C.  S. Destin |

Here is my first 7-Day forecast for Antigua in over a year. It was postponed due to my pursuit of advance studies in climate and society. However, I am back, and from here on in, the forecast will be issued (for now) twice weekly – Mondays and Fridays.


Mostly fair and hazy skies will take place for the weekend. The chance of showers is near 0%. This is excellent weather for outdoor activities but very miserable weather for the agricultural community and water resource managers among others. It is very unusual for October, the wettest month of the year to be having this many consecutive dry days. However, the same atmospheric conditions suppressing the hurricane season also cause below normal rainfall.

The rest of the forecast calls for a moderate chance of showers, day or night.  Notwithstanding, these days will be fairly dry as not more than one mm is anticipated for each day.

Seas are going to remain excellent for sea bathing, power boating and most marine activities but perhaps less than ideal for sailing. Waves will be less than 1.2 m or less than 4 feet while the winds are going to be moderate through Sunday and light thereafter. Light winds will generally allow for a bit warmer days and cooler night, particularly on Tue, Wed and Thu next week.

Enjoy the weather and have a great weekend!

Tropical Wave Caused Storm Force Winds

3 10 2014

Dale C. S. Destin |

The very quiet hurricane season was brought to life last night across the southern Caribbean by an unsuspecting tropical wave. The rather weak wave caused storm force gusts across Trinidad and Tobago, Grenada, St. Lucia, St. Vincent and Barbados. The strongest winds were reported across Barbados were there was a gust of 62 mph around midnight, 12 mph shy of hurricane force.

The tropical wave has caused a surge in the low level winds across the area. Added to the surge are apparently superimposed downbursts/macrobursts associated with periods of heavy thunderstorms and downpours. These downbursts are what were mainly responsible for the strong destructive winds.

Roof Damage. Photo by Marvin Arneaud via The Trinidad Guardian Newspaper

Roof Damage. Photo by Marvin Arneaud via The Trinidad Guardian Newspaper

Reports out of Trinidad and Barbados indicate that a number of homes have been damaged in those islands. According to the Trinidad Guardian, 25 homes lost roofs within the precincts of Diego Martin, Petit Valley, Tunapuna and Sangre Grande, Trinidad. Many homes also lost electricity. Early reports out of Barbados indicate that homes there also experienced roof damage. The extent of the damage is unclear especially for Barbados and the rest of the southern Caribbean.

ASCATThis morning, an image from the ASCAT satellite, which has the ability to measure surface winds among other things, showed that further strong winds are likely as the wave has winds of around 35 mph near its axis currently moving through the southern islands.

Currently, showers and thunderstorms are being experienced in many places of the southern Caribbean. In some places, it is quite heavy. A few places are having storm force gusts i.e. gusts in excess of 34 mph.



Radar Image

Radar Image


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