Hold on to Your Hats and Skirts!

31 12 2014

Dale C. S. Destin |

Forecast Wind Speeds - Sun Jan 4, 2015

Forecast Wind Speed – Sun Jan 4, 2015

Hold on to your hats and skirts and batten down the hatches. Strong winds and very rough seas to kick off the new year across Antigua and much of the Caribbean.

The winds will become stronger with peak sustained speed near 25 mph (22 knots) over the weekend across Antigua and Barbuda. The winds will also be very gusty with gusts as high as 37 mph (32 knots) possible, just 2 mph short of storm force.

Forecast Wind Gust - Sun Jan 4, 2015

Forecast Wind Gust – Sun Jan 4, 2015

The strong winds will stirrup very rough seas in our area. Seas could peak as high as 3.6 metres (12 ft) Sunday and continue above 2.4 metres (8 ft) until, at least, the middle of next week. By next Thursday there could be a transition from wind waves to swell waves from a frontal low pressure system.

Forecast Wave Height - Sun Jan 4, 2015

Forecast Wave Height – Sun Jan 4, 2015

The strong winds are in response to the steepening of the pressure gradient across the area. You may recall that winds are the horizontal movement of air. They only occur due to the spatial deferential in atmospheric pressure. The change in pressure across a particular area is called the pressure gradient. The steeper the gradient or greater the pressure difference between two points, the stronger the winds and vice versa.

Warnings are already in effect for hazardous seas that are bound to get much worse. Mariners should consider staying near shore until winds and seas subside, perhaps late next week.

The strong winds could make certain activities uncomfortable, if not dangerous. For example, working at elevation could be dangerous and should be curtailed until the winds return to normal speeds.

The worst conditions will be seen in the western Caribbean Seas, juts north of Columbia. The winds are expected to peak near 44 mph (38 knots) with gusts near 54 mph (47 knots); this is tropical storm strength and under tropical cyclone criteria would require a tropical storm warning. Wave heights will approach 6 metres (20 ft).

This area of storm force winds is pushing large waves outward which will cause most of the Caribbean Sea to be rough for the next several days. Mariners should avoid travelling not only the Atlantic waters of the Caribbean but also the Caribbean Sea, especially the western Caribbean Sea south of Jamaica.

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Happy New Year!

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