January 2016 Newsletter

27 01 2016

Dale C. S. Destin |

Our January 2016 newsletter is now available. In it you will find the latest on our weather and climate and forecasts for the next six months.

The notable events of the past three months include the fact that the drought has re-intensified, October to December has been the 9th driest on record and December was among the warmest.

Impacts from the drought include empty surface catchments, households without pipe-borne water for weeks and insufficient water to properly support agriculture and livestock. Over 90% of potable water comes from the sea via the very expensive means of desalination.

For the period January-March, below to near  normal rainfall is anticipated; thus, the continuation of drought and related challenges. However, above to near normal rainfall is forecast for April-June; hence, the drought is forecast to ease or come to an end.

For more, please see our newsletter here: ABMS Climate Section (CliSec) Newsletter



2 responses

27 01 2016
Janie Easton

At least we have the late spring to look forward to! Lets hope it waits until after Sailing Week!


27 01 2016
Dale C. S. Destin - Antigua Met Service

Yes we do; interestingly the same El Nino that causes low rainfall in the wet season, tends to cause above normal rainfall in spring. We however have an x-factor – dry and dusty Saharan air. This could block the spring showers.


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