Antigua’s Unenviable Record Worst Drought Continues

25 04 2016

Dale C. S. Destin |

Notwithstanding the significant rainfall of the past week, our unenviable record worst drought continues. However, the rains did bring some much-needed relief, as many residents got their cisterns and other catchments replenished. The precipitation also brought some relief to our farming community and landscape.

No sign of water in Potworks Dam, Antigua, April 22, 2016. Photo courtesy Karen Corbin – President of the Humane Society

No sign of water in Potworks Dam, Bethesda, Antigua; April 22, 2016. Photo courtesy Karen Corbin – President of the Humane Society

Recall that there are, at least, four types of droughts – meteorological, agricultural, hydrological and socioeconomic, which is the worst. Antigua has been in these droughts for around two months shy of three years. Of the mentioned droughts, the rains had the greatest impact on the meteorological and agricultural droughts.

For the week ending April 23, the island-average rainfall for Antigua was 63.3 mm (2.49 in). To have ended at least the meteorological drought, we needed over 100 mm (4 in); much more was need to end the other droughts.

Based on a mixture of rain gauge measurements and radar estimates, the rainfall across the island was quite variable, ranging from 25 mm (1 in) in the west to 152 mm (6 in) in the northeast. Notwithstanding, most areas got 40-100 mm (1.5-4 in).

24-hr Estimated Rainfall, From 8 pm April 17, 2016 to 8 pm April 18, 2016

24-hr Estimated Rainfall: From 8 pm April 17, 2016 to 8 pm April 18, 2016

At the V. C. Bird International Airport (VCBIA), the 42 mm that fell on April 18 makes it the wettest day since October 28, 2014. It was also the wettest April 18 at VCBIA since 1992 and 15th wettest of 1620 April days on record since 1962.

VCBIA also had a near record wet spell for April – six consecutive days with at least 1 mm (0.04 in), second only to the seven recorded in 1970. The six-day (April 17-22) total of 70.4 mm (2.77 in) at VCBIA, is now the fourth wettest for the month. With respect to a week, it’s the wettest for April since 2010 and the wettest for all weeks since October 23-29, 2014.

As of Sunday morning, April 24, the island-average rainfall for Antigua for the month was 80.5 mm (3.17 in). Thus far, this is the wettest April since 2013, when we had 132.1 mm (5.20 in). It is also our fourth wettest month since December 2014. On average, April is the fifth driest month with 85.6 mm (3.37 in).

The wet week was all due to a cold front preceded by an associated trough. Both systems have since been replaced by high pressure.

The wet weather has eased the meteorological drought to slight levels; however, not much has changed regarding the more serious hydrological and socioeconomic droughts. Follow us as we continue to monitor our rainfall closely.

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