Sailing Time Again

27 04 2019

Dale C. S. Destin |

The 2019 Antigua Sailing Week (ASW) is off – it started today and will sail until May 3. Over 90 boats will be seeking to take home the top prize; will the weather cooperate?

I am told that the ideal wind speeds for sailing are winds of 15 to 20 knots. And what is the forecast – 10 to 18 knots. This means that the speeds will be a little less than ideal but not by much. Hence racers in ASW should be generally happy with the wind speeds.

What about the wind direction? This is expected to be east-by-north. And since most of the races will be along the south coast, this is a good direction, as they will either get a tail or head wind, which again is preferred.

Sky and precipitation conditions are not very important for sailing boat racing; however, dry and sunny weather are most desirable and are indeed what are expected, at least until Lay Day – Wednesday. The exception is Sunday when showers are likely; thereafter, showers will be very unlikely.

Sea surface and air temperature will be seasonal – 25 to 28 °C (77 to 82 °F) for the seas and a minimum of around 23 °C during the night and a maximum of around 32 °C (90 °F) during the day. The sea surface temperature is deemed comfortable while the air temperature is on the warm side, but there will be more than enough seawater to take care of the heat.

Of course, sailing week is not just about sailing. For many, it is an excuse to fete at the many after parties. And just like the weather will be conducive for the races, it will also be conducive for the fetes.

Happy and safe sailing and feting!

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